SEO Tips

Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is something that you have to consider when setting up your website.  In order to complete this optimization correctly, it is important that you consider a number of tips.  These tips will help you understand what you need to do and how you can complete search engine optimization to the best of your ability.

Know The Ranking Algorithms

Search engine optimization is an on-going process because the search engines often change their ranking algorithms.  This happens as often as a few times a year so it is important that you know what the ranking algorithms say.  These changes make SEO techniques used in previous years obsolete and you need to be careful when using them.

Results Will Not Be Fast

A common mistake that people make with search engine optimization is that they expect results the day after they have implemented the techniques.  This is not what will happen and SEO is a game of patience.  It will usually take months to achieve the ranking that you want and that your optimization techniques allow.
If you follow through with your SEO techniques you will be able to see results.  However, expecting the search engines to categorize and rank your website instantly is irrational and will not happen.  You need to be willing to take the time to see results because this is the only way to use search optimization.

Stay Away From Guaranteed Results

If you are going to outsource your SEO work to a freelancer or a specialist company then you have to be wary of guaranteed results.  There is no way that a company or freelancer can guarantee that you will be ranked in a certain position for certain keywords.  A lot of companies that offer this will be scammers and you should stay away from them.

Do Not Over-Optimize

A mistake many people make is that they over-optimize their website and this could actually hurt your rankings.  Keyword stuffing is the most common mistake and will negatively impact ranking because the content is unreadable and this means that you are not offering quality information to your visitors.  If your website and content does not appear natural to the search engine spiders they will penalize you and this will result in lower rankings.

Have Good Content

Your content is the backbone of your search optimization because this is what the search engines look at and what your visitors will consider.  Good content will have a positive impact on the ranks as long as they provide value to your readers.  Longer articles and posts which have a lot of engagement will get more credit from the search engines.  If you post many short articles that do not add anything new or you are covering the same topic constantly the search engines will penalize you.

Complete Keyword Research

Keyword research is important and should be done before you create content.  There are a number of tools that you can use to complete this research including the Google Keyword Tool.  This research will tell you which terms people are searching for and the amount of searches per month for the terms.  Using tools that offer information about competition for the keyword is a good idea because higher competition means that you will have more people fighting you for high positions in the rankings.

Do Not Write For The Search Engines

When you create your content you should write for the readers and not for the search engines.  This means that you should be friendly and be yourself because this will cause reader engagement.  When you write for the search engines you will often create content that is over-optimized and this could negatively impact the engagement you have from your visitors.

Consider Website Speed

Many people do not consider that the speed your page loads will impact our search engine rankings.  While it is not one of the critical factors in ranking it should be considered because it affects the user experience as well.  The faster your page loads the better the user experience will be.
If you have a slow page you need to consider what is causing the problems.  Flash and java applications can slow down the loading of the page and you need to consider if you need these elements at all.  If you have high-resolution imagines you may also be slowing down the loading speeds.

Optimize Your URL’s

Most people know that their primary URL should be optimized to tell visitors what their site is about and make it memorable.  What they don’t consider is that all URL’s need to be optimized.  When you add a post to the site it will be designated a number, but you will want to change this to match what the post is about.  URL’s which link to the content will rank higher in the search engines and will make it easier for your visitors to determine what the content of the site is.